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Saturday miscellany

The worst part of physiotherapy is perhaps the constant refrain of 'ur doin it rong'. So my quad strengthening exercises haven't been engaging my quads, and my core strengthening exercises, while done perfectly according to the old rules, no longer apply to the new, where you do not in fact flatten the back or tuck the tum. You tighten infinitisimal muscles while in the 'neutral' position, the one where there's a curve to your back ie the opposite of what I've been doing all along. And of course none of the new exercises are straightforward: not just 'flatten your knee' but 'engage this muscle that you've never used and then flatten your knee.' Better be worth it in four months time, is all I can say.

However, a lovely thing: some time ago someone on the FFL noticed of an evening that there was no bread in the house oh what to do? Well, but she had flour and milk and eggs and butter, so she made frying pan bread in the oven. I noted the recipe for some future date, because I never have flour in the house. But now I do, ostensibly for repapering my ripped shoji, and so last night I whipped it up;

3/4 cup flour
3/4 cup whole milk
3 eggs
1/4 tsp salt
quantum sufficit of butter for greasing the pan, which you may believe in my case was a lot.

Blend first four ingredients, pour into buttered frying pan, bake at 400F for 25 minutes.

And the result is- Yorkshire pudding!! Almost as good as the one made with beef drippings what you never get anymore because butchers trim the fat off the roast. I can have this once a week maximum because otherwise I'd eat it all the time, breakfast lunch and dinner, and it has a great dearth of nutrients and an excess of calories. And I'd probably do sweet variants with sugar and savoury variants with cheese, just to add to the load. But oh is it good.

Have started on Broken Homes, which I think I've only read twice and retained very little of. How nice fandom is, like a blanket one wraps around oneself against the cold chill of the real world. I really must start marking passages, if only in pencil, because I've forgotten again where in the previous books there's that lovely line about black women's hair. And why Abigail seems to have aged a couple of years in the course of six months and acquired more Latin than she should have. But maybe I'm getting my books confused again and Latinate Abigail is in Hanging Tree and not Whispers Underground.

Oh, and for anyone who doesn't do Tumblr, Petronia has had her baby, a blooming little guy called Alan. Omedetou.
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