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Outside communication restored

My copy of The Mortal Word arrived today, five and half weeks instead of the usual five and a half days after it was mailed. Am much relieved; the PO has been known to generate spontaneous black holes.

Otherwise we stagger through the last eight working days till Christmas. It is not I who am working ten hour shifts without breaks, presumably voluntary; and I hope those who are have a lovely ten day break. God knows they deserve it.

At some point, Foxglove Summer, The Furthest Station, and Moon Over Soho.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Anna Waterhouse, Mycroft
-- enjoyed this in spite of that will/ shall thing, and the fact that hearty athletic fist-fighting Mycroft has a long torpid way to go before he becomes the lethargic overweight Mycroft of canon. But much can happen in the course of four decades or so. It's very pleasant to have one's CoCs in pastiche written by an actual PoC. I can see why it's rare, but lord does it make a difference. And frankly, Douglas is a much more interesting character than Mycroft.

Now on Whispers Underground, not my favourite Rivers book because I can't see the things Aaronovitch is describing, like railway cuts with false houses in front of them and hidden doors in the cuttings themselves, and the interior of sewers that also have doors in them. Of course, Broken Homes is even worse in this respect. Also Agent Reynolds annoys me and Madame Teng is introduced and then dropped, which also annoys me, and I still can't figure, after three readings, why the murder happened in the first place, though maybe this time I'll get it.

Two-thirds of the way through the Purgatorio.

Have started on The Mortal Word but it needs the sit down straight-through treatment so after WU, probably.

Mortal Word, as above. Also located my copy of Eco's Baudolino, which should do for holiday reading, perhaps after Broken Homes.

Or I could see if Yangsze Choo or Zen Cho's latests are in at Bakka (no- Choo comes out in February, Cho in March. Oh well) I could read the latest Phantom Moon Tower, then, and about time.
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