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Rivers thoughts

My, how simmering chicken stock stinks up a house. I could blame the bottom-of-the-fridge vegetables for it (I usually use fresh, and put them in the soup after) but I think it's just the nature of the bony beast. Can attest from living in Tokyo that pork bone broth making smells much worse.

So I re-re-re-re-read the RoL books while waiting for the latest, and still keep finding things I'd forgotten or never noted in the first place, like How does Peter know Molly can do what Molly does? Nightingale flipping told him. Of course, he told him first in a one-line throwaway and then in an unreported conversation, as per Aaronovitch's sideways style (cf 'enterology's answer to Cat Stevens') so I might be excused for not having noticed the first few times.

However these many times re-readings do raise other questions. Like why, in Soho, is Ash so hysterical about having cold iron in him? Granted, an iron rail through the shoulder is pretty bad, but howcum 'Argh argh argh it's cold iron I'm dying?' River gods aren't Fae, after all.

Speaking of whom, the Pale Lady, who looks like Molly/ the Faery Queen and has teeth (in her head) like Molly/ the Faery Queen, and attacks the jugular like Molly, at least, but who's called a chimera. Is she a Fae altered by the Faceless Man? or do all Fae have teeth down below? If she's working for the Faceless Man, why is she also out clubbing and looking for date rapists to dis-member (see what I did there?)? Natural proclivity for blood? (Which raises the question of Molly: if she's nauseated by Peter's blood to the point of vomiting, why does she come after him for more?)

The chimera in Dr Moreau's strip club: how come all but one are dead? Who killed them? Faceless Man 2? Nightingale when he did whatever he did that stopped Larry the Lark? (But they were dead before then, right? Nightingale reports bodies, which I assume meant corpses.) How come the last one died in the ambulance- what killed him/ her/ it? In Soho, Faceless Man 2 has a tiger boy, but after that the chimera disappear. Where was FM2 stashing the rest of them, if there was a rest of them? Why did he kill everyone with a connection to FM1, however long ago that connection was, like Johnson and Dunlop and Smith? IIRC it was the murder of Dunlop that put the Folly on his trail in the first place. Bad move.

Us Cartesians would like a few answers, is all.
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