mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The miseries of acquisition

How ironic that I'm currently up to the Hoarders and Wasters in the Purgatorio.

So a while back I ordered some Laura Ashley flannel sheets from a place called Wayfair. Sheets arrived with commendable promptitude. Not as soft as the ones from Canadian The Linen Closet, but well enough to give me two unpilled fitted sheets. (Three if you count the ones I got 30 years ago from my younger brother. The pillow cases of those are rags, but the sheets are still quite robust.) Therefore I ordered a flannel duvet cover in a grey arabesque pattern- paisley, supposedly- to replace the yellow/grey squares and the brown/ green checks of my current two, both of which swear mightily at my bedrooms' colour schemes. Duvet cover arrived with commendable promptitude but- was the wrong one. A Mondrian white and sage and brown. Not exactly checks, but certainly squares (or rectangles) and still the wrong colour.

I emailed them and they solicitously asked for details- what did the invoice say (it said 'paisley'), what did it look like, could I send them a pic? Which I did: even tracked down the online details of the Mondrian for them. Guy called me personally to double check on everything, apologized, said they'd send the right one at once, and I could keep or recycle the unsatisfactory cover, which I thought handsome of them. (They're in California, as it turns out, and evidently think it not worth paying the freight back.) When I'd checked the paisley cover again it had gone out of stock, so I was glad to get the last remaining one.

Tuesday I get a voicemail from the guy handling my account, saying their records show the delivery has been made, they'll close the account, but if there are any concerns please call him on his cell- which I could do, having America wide calling, but prefer not to. Also got a slew of emails: one from him, one announcing my delivery, one asking for feedback on how manager had managed my case. Great. Come home after hell day, see no package on the porch where previous packages had been left, come in and find the box sitting on the bench in the hallway. Delivery man had had recourse to next door just in case, and they'd obligingly left it in my house.

Great service. I don't even mind the Wayfair ads that now appear on every webpage I visit, and the email ads that crop up almost as often as honto.jp's ones.

But when I open the box it's another Mondrian. Email my guy and have heard nothing back since. I guess Mondrian squared are better than eye=searing checks, but oh dear.
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