mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Blue cold evening

After this morning's snowflurries melted in the grateful sun. Wind strong but still, the sight of blue sky counts for much. Am still exhausted after only a few hours' work, which may be age or cold or the psychic fallout of extremely unhappy knees. Occurred to me that paradoxically, joints hurt less when I was living on muscle relaxants and maybe I should try them again, but all that accomplished yesterday, when I wasn't working, was a nap mid-afternoon.

As noted, Goldenhand. I'd already taken Clariel back to the library. The first three books rather disguised the fact that Nix's theme in all of them is Only YOU Can Save Mankind, but by the fourth it was staring me in the face and I'd kind of had enough of it.

First volume of Aya, translated, shenanigans in 1970s Cote d'Ivoire when the world was young and the sun shone. Am waiting for vol 2 before forging on with vol 3 in French, because the plot lines are sequential.

When I've done with this entry I shall finish Foxglove Summer, which I could have this morning but wanted to save me something to read in bed.

The Purgatorio, still, if slowly and sporadically.

Bought the paperback of Midnight Riot because you can't get the British version here in same. No matter: this is for annotation purposes, because I'd forgotten Peter's first encounter with Father Thames, as also whether he meets young!Tyburn in this volume or not till Whispers Underground, and I still don't know why he knew Molly could do what she does, nor for that matter why, if Molly is a Spoiler, she behaves like a vampire in this book alone. Close rereading may tell. Or not.

There's a RoL wiki which has been helpful for all those indistinguishable English names in Foxglove Summer, but which I keep shy of because of the threat of Lies Sleeping spoilers.

Also my pre-ordered copy of Mortal Word came in, so once I have the rivers straight, I shall renew my acquaintance with not!Goujun.
Tags: health, library, manga, meme, reading_18, rivers

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