mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Woke up lithe and limber Saturday morning. Exercise is good for the aches, evidently. Lucky that I did, because 15 minutes later the daycare plague started, so there was much quick traverse between bedroom and bathroom all day. As promised, it's a virulent bug that isn't quite over 24 hours later. Cancelled all my appointments for this weekend, including massage alas, and slogged on through Goldenhand. Not helped by breaking my bedroom reading glasses and finding that all the other pairs are weaker. Hoped if the fireworks were over today I might somehow get to the Bloor St dollar store for another pair but the area is utterly foutu because of the Santa Claus parade. In fact my area is foutu past Ossington, blocks beyond where the parade starts, with busses blocking Bloor still.

I know because I got out this afternoon to that Shoppers and bought a Presto card, trying to be patient with the parking lot of cars filling all the streets between me and it. Had thought of going up to the one on Dupont, technically closer, but traffic is doubtless worse the farther east you go and Dupont drivers are murderous at the best of times. Anyway, it's done.

Tried to register the card at once- won't get fooled again- only to encounter the message
"If you purchased a PRESTO card at a Customer Service Outlet, you will need to wait up to 24 hours before creating a My PRESTO Account online." OK. So don't use the thing tomorrow, just in case; and hopefully I can still bicycle then.
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