mjj (flemmings) wrote,

A day

The snow didn't stop overnight or turn to rain, but was still falling as semi-sleet when I woke up. So got implements from the basement and shoved not shovelled (no heavy lifting, remember?) it to the side of my sidewalk (insufficiently broom-swept the night before) and my brother's and the Islamic Studies people's (untouched since yesterday afternoon.) Came in to hear the answering machine recording. Shift worker has the intestinal plague, can I be 2:30 person. My ordinary shift at 3:30 was covered by benevolent FT staff ('I don't want you to strain yourself') so I'd booked acupuncture for that afternoon. However: needs must when the devil drives, so I said yes, though I shall make a grand profit of $5 for 3.5 hours after deducting the cancellation fee.

Then trudged off in the snow to the bank, because I was penniless, and the Bathurst Station, because my Presto card has mysteriously vanished into thin air. And yes of *course* I should have registered it long ago so they could send me one in the fullness of time (mail has been delayed or cancelled by stealth rotating strikes) but I didn't, so I must buy a new one. The machines in all the stations will only sell regular cards, not students and seniors, but the webpage said the Gateway news stand in certain stations does. (So it's not a question of ID, evidently.) Station attendant knew nothing about this system and advised, as ever, to go to Shoppers Drug Mart. But not any Shoppers located near a subway station, oh no. The ones that aren't getting enough traffic, so the Presto cards serve as loss leaders. Shoppers are rip-off artists and it amazes me that anyone would buy from their overpriced selection.

However. Got down to the lower level, asked about Presto cards, guy says they do sell the S-cards (seniors and students) but the TTC hasn't delivered any to them in ages, in spite of repeated requests. Sounds like they want people to buy a regular card for the convenience of the thing and forego the $1.15 saving on each ride. This situation will become even more dire when they get rid of tickets and tokens entirely next year.

But the snow continues to melt and tomorrow, please God, I can bicycle, and will, to that Shoppers out by Dovercourt, and get a new Presto. I keep hoping it will turn up in a pants pocket or in the recesses of the Bag of Holding, but doubtless that will happen only if I buy a replacement.

Having today walked more than I have since, oh probably the last time it snowed, in April I believe, I'm quite zonked. Also left boot doesn't fit again: without insole it's too large, with insole it cramps my toes. Must wear thicker socks, I suppose. But the exercise does seem to have snapped me out of my invalidish mindset- oh I must rest my poor poor ribs, oh I shall lie on the bed all day with books, oh the housework can slide another day or week. My body may have a different idea tomorrow, but I hope to be mobile again.
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