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Cold and blue evening

Odd disquietening thing happened yesterday. Went to my acupuncture studio down Spadina, locked bike to bike stand by the curb, had appointment. Came out, bike was no longer there. It was leaning against the store next to the studio building, and the open lock was sitting on the carrier. No idea how, because the keys were in my pocket, but the rubber casing had been twisted around which has happened before when people tried to meddle with it. So... someone unlocked my bike but decided not to take it after all? Just to show that they could? (For once I *know* I didn't leave it leaning against a building with the lock open. I will sometimes wonder if I actually locked my bike to the stand, because on occasion I've succeeded in locking the bike to nothing but its own frame. That usually happens if there's another bike there with a short lock that makes it hard to angle my own in. But I do turn the key on the lock and I'd never leave it leaning against a building.)

The Hanging Tree
-- can't wait to read Lies Sleeping now. Mail alas is taking its own sweet time, even though my new sheets arrived a day early.

Nix, Goldenhand
-- to see what happens after Liriel. Hoping for more of the Dog or Mogget but not likely to get either.

The Purgatorio still.

And in future?
Nix, Clariel
-- to see what happened before Sabriel.

Have vol 3 of Ouberie and Abouet's BD Aya de Yopougon coming to me, in French, because the translations of vols 1&2 have either gone walkies or have been checked out. Whether I can understand Côte d'Ivoire French remains to be seen.
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