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A glooming peace - Off the Cliff

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Mon Nov 12th, 2018

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09:26 pm - A glooming peace
It's supposed to snow tonight. Why is there a fly banging against the lampshades in my bedroom?

When I read The Hanging Tree last year I couldn't make sense of it: it felt all over the map. A reread shows much more coherency, but it's like all Aaronovitches, full of details and events that are aside from the main plot and equally weighted with it, so it feels like several plots happening simultaneously. At least I *think* that's my difficulty with Aaronovitch, whose books I always find really hard to keep track of.

To the joy of nations: why is it soft things (cream buns, grilled cheese sandwiches) that my fillings/ teeth crumble on, and not, say, nuts or carrots or suchlike? Repair scheduled for Thursday, which is at least fast, but there goes the money I'd thought to spend on a new vacuum cleaner. Of course, if you've already squandered several hundreds on two sets of new sheets and a new duvet cover, you have no right to moan about extra expenses.

Also my ear hurts.

I wear disposible contact lenses (lens, actually), one a day, and deposit in in the nbthroom wastebasket every night. Or try to. I keep finding little curled up lenses dried out on the bathroom floor. What I do *not* understand is the little dried up lens that appeared on the kitchen stove today.

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Date:November 13th, 2018 02:49 am (UTC)
Ear pain could be referring from the tooth.

Little dried lens could be sticking to your person rather than making it into the wastebin, that would spread them everywhere you go. :)
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Date:November 13th, 2018 02:28 pm (UTC)
Tooth is on the other side though. But nose ran all night and now the pain seems to be gone. Sinuses, sheesh.

Clothes are the only answer I can come up with too.

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