mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Stephen Hawking of the bed...

...has managed to lose the hardback copy of Abhorsen she was reading there just this morning. Meant to finish it tonight in preparation for tomorrow's ordeal. And now it isn't there, or anywhere.

I'd agree with the minimalist non-hoarders more if my experience didn't negate theirs so thoroughly. Yes it *will* come in handy. Item: spandex bra, too small when bought fifteen pounds ago, fits fine now and happily squashes the boob whose sag so irritates the spasming rib muscle. Item: the spandex tube camisole from seven years ago, so kind to my neck muscles when my shoulders couldn't bear the touch of a bra strap, now stretched and unsupportive of anything mammary: but just fine for holding in the lower rib muscles. There was a brief moment yesterday in the walk-in clinic when I was feeling no stabs at all, and how very nice that was. I'd certainly been meaning to chuck the tube tops and am so glad I didn't.

Walk-in clinic because my pulled muscle wasn't doing the 'better in 2 or 3 days' thing. He sent me for x-rays but basically said nothing to be done, even if it turned out to be a cracked rib. Time and rest, which, well. But I have another note from him for the jury selectperson, who I hope will accept it. Because it turns out that the OTC muscle relaxants, when taken in dosages that work, do render me slightly nauseated and very slow.

Meanwhile the city was very yellow for a few hours today- sun, such a rare occurrence- before reverting to tarnished gold and grey rain clouds. More rain tomorrow and winds, which will strip the season's glory from the trees.
Tags: health, reading_18, rl

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