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Malgré M. Malraux's dictum in my LJ profile, adults are occasionally to be found. There are a whole two of them at work, and luckily the older of them was working the late shift when our pipes backed up late this afternoon. Adult in this case means 'takes responsibility', so she was the one who called the uni's emergency number, consulted with the guy who came, insisted on having a plumber sent right away (will take two to three hours, says guy at 7 pm) stayed until he came and waited to see whether he could clear it or if we'd have to stay closed tomorrow. In the meanwhile she called all affected staff and governing cttee members and set up procedures for informing parents. I know this because I stayed till the plumber arrived, doing what I most like to do, be an extra and possibly helpful body; and very grateful I was that it wasn't me having to deal with the situation, because I'm not an adult either. (I *was* the one who figured that the leak was in fact a back up, so go me there.)

Elbows are appallingly hurty lately in spite of acupuncture yesterday and massage today. The fault is probably this tablet's. But I bought a camel hair elbow brace today and the warmth seems to work, at least judging by the owies when I take it off. But I wonder about the feasability of buying an old wool sweater and using the sleeves instead. Soft cashmere wool around my joints sounds heavenly: camel hair is not what you'd call smooth.

Reading meme must wait till tomorrow. I have taken an ativan,which is notoriously useless for things like MRIs and airplane trips and panic attacks, but which works marvellously small-scale to smooth the frets of a fretful day and make the world look sublime and happy, and I intend to enjoy the high until it puts me to sleep.
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