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I know that it doesn't matter how much sleep I get, if I have to be up before I want to be I'm a zombie the rest of the day. Yesterday's dentist appointment wasn't too bad, being at 10:30, and I took a codeine for the aches which saw me practically dozing off in the chair. But today's 6:30 waking, even with a full ativan and bed at 10 and sleep in the cool sheets of the front room, saw me in extreme blur through the middle of the day. Not helped by cocktail and wine at dinner. Am currently quite removed from reality.

Though last night- the izakaya near me advertises 3 oz martinis, and I had two of those plus some very good gyoza, and wasn't even remotely as tiddly as one guaranteed 2 oz martini left me tonight. So I'm sadly afraid that the local izakaya lies in its teeth, in spite of the gyoza and the close-captioned Japanese yakuza movies. Sad.

Not that I can remember what I was reading in that other life two seasons and four days ago...
Rainy Willow 16. Hatsu-sensei wants to retire. Her readers don't want her to. Thus she has just produced vol 17.

Reading now?
Phil Rickman, The Remains of an Altar
-- one of the Merrily Watkins series, yer ordinary exorcist of things that might or might not be there. I find these oddly opaque. Possibly one needs to be English to Get It. Currently everyone has their knickers in a knot over the possibility that Sir Edward Elgar's ghost is riding about the area on his bicycle and a) causing accidents or b) feeling up female cyclists. Neighbourhood feeling seems to be that he should be left alone to continue doing so. Politics are doubtless involved here but I have never understood politics, is why Dune annoyed me so much.

Tahereh Mafi, Whichwood
--profoundly disturbing, even if supposedly YA. 13-year-old girl whose job it is to wash the village's corpses and hang them out to dry. Has a backlog of 40-some disintegrating bodies to wash and encoffin. Yeuch.

Still The Inferno, a canto or two at a time.

Maybe Finn Family Moomintroll still?

Will I read A Study in Sable or will I give up on it. Watch this space.
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