mjj (flemmings) wrote,

All summer in two days

Strange to see trees red and yellow stripping off their leaves in the wind when the temperature is 27C or 80F. Especially when the weekend was three days of grey damp chill requiring heat at night. I could perhaps have borne the (almost literal) washout of the holiday weekend better if this warm front hadn't been forecast to happen sometime, like maybe the holiday Monday. I could have been happy with the cold if it had been a little drier. I could at least have gotten my dark wash done and hung out. But as it is, meh: this Thanksgiving was pretty much of a letdown.

I read the Inferno partly because Sabina referenced it when she was here last spring, in the context of a deplorable family of payday lenders, IIRC. (Not sure I do- was comjng down with a sinus infection at the time and details are hazy.) It would never occur to me to associate modern day loan sharks with those guys sitting in the rain of fire, but hell, why not?

But also, at this very moment G is in Dante's Florence, as I was almost 40 years ago, and so there feels a connection that way as well. Mind, now I've read some background to the ever-pestiferous Guelphs and Ghibellines, I'm content to leave Dante's Florence to its own devices and move on to happier times under the early Medici. One feels that Florence must have been hell to live in during those centuries, but the resulting art was worth it.
Tags: history, place, rl_18

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