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Is it sad that my main accomplishment this grey cold drizzly holiday weekend was to assemble and use my Swifter Wetjet? But it *was* an accomplishment for gadget-phobic me. I bought it because the squeegee mop I clean the kitchen floor with gets dirty and disgusting and can't be cleaned itself, or not well. Ditto the broom I sweep with, and the Dirt devil vacuum is only slightly efficient for sucking up dust etc. A swifter uses a clean pad each time- wasteful, but at least not just spreading the grunge around more.

So I washed the kitchen floor at last, which is now marginally cleaner than it was. But still not *clean*. That I think requires some 'down on the ground with a brush' work. And afterwards- frankly, a cloth wrapped around the squeegee actually washes better, and can be washed itself, and doesn't smell of Swifter cleaner.

I roasted turkey thighs this afternoon because the super had no turkey breast. Turns out turkey thighs are better: moister and tasting more like turkey and providing more gravy, where turkey breast is always dry. So I had turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner, and call myself content.

In thankful news, the pharmacy has tylenol and codeine in again, in small doses- bottles of 30. Shall not resume my habit of before but am glad to have it on hand at need. Oh, and in 'check your drawers periodically' time, I discover that I bought two headlamp sets when the dollar store closed and the second one is sitting in a kitchen drawer. So that's me set for the dark again.
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