mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Tuesday is grateful

1. Last night's acupuncturist did a dynamite job on my mug-swollen biting knees. Went down with braces on both legs, came back with braces in my backpack.

2. Sweet sweet ativan sleep in central AC on my embracing futon. Spent the previous two nights in front bedroom to use the window AC and tossed and turned into the small hours, trying one unsatisfactory pillow after the next. Last night was oh, so pleasurable, not even my phone's 7 a.m. alarm could bother me.

3. Shameless self-indulgent lunch at AGO Bistro in the belief their special hand-crafted cocktail would ease the back pain after my three hour shift. Didn't quite, but I had virtuous potato and parsnip soup, and rather too many slices of artisanal bread with unexpected baba ghanoush and sea salted butter (that's $9 for the bread alone), so that's three veg right there. Then calorific 'bergamot lemon tart' and their coffee, the only coffee in TO that tastes like first class hotel coffee in Europe.

4. Day being warmer than one might wish, the pleasure of stripping down to underwear, wrapping self in terrycloth sheet in the fan wind, cracking open a mini-Pepsi, and catching up on the online pages I didn't have time for this morning.

5. Accomplished three feet-dragging errands: stack of books to library including the hardcover Sleeping Murder whose cover had come loose from the spine: not my fault that I know of but might have been; topped up Presto card that didn't need topping for tomorrow's doctor trip, but now I can use it with gay abandon: *and* the two-hour limit is now in effect so I might get to doctor and back on one fare; took bike into a bike store about spongey rear brake expecting to have to leave it for some time and pay, but guy just took out allen key, untwisted nut at back, pulled wire shorter, and twisted it back. 'Next time we might have to go into it.' Good- my long-postponed tune-up will happen at Sweet Pete's, when it happens. (Also priced electric bikes while there. Over $4000 with the tax, so only when I win a lottery because I'm sure it will at once be stolen. Can't see me shoving that thing up my front steps with my twingy elbows. Keep believing that a new bike would be easier to peddle, keep believing that peddling old bike must return some muscle definition to my legs.

6. Down to Lil Smith library for a book that I couldn't read in e-format: pages required. Picked up a couple of promising mysteries while there.

And then...

Dropped by work only to be told dryer wouldn't dry. Well, it would get hot but it wouldn't tumble and no one knew if that was dangerous or not. So loaded unwieldy bag of half-dried blankets onto bike, a procedure which always makes the bike fall over no matter how it's locked to the stand, and took them to the refurbished laundromat three blocks away. At least it *is* refurbished, with efficient new machines and air conditioning, so for $1.25 I got all the toddlers' blankets done for tomorrow. Hope there's a solution, even if only drying in non-tumble, because the balkiness of my bike with a squashy parcel on the back makes me curse like a sailor. There are a lot of sharp bits on a bike to gouge you when the front wheel swoons and falls down.

7. But temps have dropped and it's a blue breezy night, already cooler than last night's low, and I may need another antihistamine to deal with the fallout of same. But windows open! for a day at least.
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