mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Makes her feel the way she used to feel redivivus

Yup, autumn. Highs in the teens, grey clouds, wind in the uhh what's the opposite of 'wake'? of Gordon or whichever storm, so old cloth jacket and fall cap. Which kept blowing off, so I picked up a crocheted green beret from someone's lawn offerings and wore that instead.

And I *walked*. For hours, since I necessarily walk slowly because mindfully (gut in, back straight, shoulders down, feet pointing front.) What would have been nothing much in the old days- up to Loblaws for antihistamines, by Grapefruit Moon for late lunch, down to Bloor for dollar store shower curtain, home- but is farther than I've walked in years. These last years two blocks will hurt my back so much that I regularly bike to the supermarket two and half blocks away. Massage and core-strengthening seems to be having an effect, and even my knees calmed down after a bit.

So I saw again all the local details I used to see on my constitutionals: late flowering cosmos and seasonal asters, trees inching towards red and yellow, squashed and fermenting crab apples, and the usual boulevard bounty. Picked up a little notebook and a year-unspecific day planner, perfect size for brief diary entries. Could almost have been 2012 again, and I wish it was.
Tags: health, rl_18

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