mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Autumn for the moment

Grey, overcast, cool, with stray whiffs of wood smoke on the evening air. Jacket weather. Still humid, so that joints continue to twinge. Another day of this and then we return to our regularly scheduled hot, muggy, thunderous and humid summer for at least another week. Or more, if some storm mass doesn't move out of the way.

I so want autumn to come.

Phone has been giving me messages about battery over-heating, turn off at once. Phone is not long for this world. 'Mine's at least as good as done/ And I must get a London another one.'

A string of Christies: Sad Cypress with its far to seek murderer, Murder on the Nile with its switcheroo, Third Girl where I thought I remembered whodunnit but was wrong, and The Hollow.

The last one annoys me because everybody burbles on about how vivid and strong and *alive* Certain Character is, and how generous and devoted and such a genius, while the character's own pov sections show him to be an all-round dick: a self-absorbed, egotistic, callous Me-firster. Trouble is, we're shown the Me-firster persona first, and then everybody else seeing him as marvellous, and I'm not sure what Christie herself thinks of him. She usually has one cold-eyed character who sees through the narcissist, but here it's lacking. The one or two people who dislike him do so from jealousy and the realization they can never be as wonderful as Mr Wonderful. So yeah. If this is Christie doing subtle characterization, I wish she wouldn't.

Reading now?
Must finish Redemption in Indigo soon. Its narrative structure is one I'm not overly familiar with, rather like Japanese films that go on long after what seems the natural stopping point to a westerner, and I feel doldrummy.

A pile of Christies for the long weekend, minus one that turned out to be a talking book, and possibly minus the large print Sleeping Murder that turns out to be subtitled 'Miss Marple's Last Case', which I would rather not.

Have also Phantom Moon 5 and some advanced Rainy Willow installment, if I can convince myself that I can still read Japanese.
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