mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Strawberries, cherries, and a muggy summer day

My brother had an episode of gout recently, which is now in abeyance thanks to drinking a lot of water and eating a lot of cherries. (And cutting down on meat and alcohol, yes, but the on-going therapy is the above.) I learned this yesterday after having drinks at his place following an awful day in an awful week- yesterday was basically two monsoons followed by the kitchen flooding at work. Besides Johnson cocktail and wine, I was offered some of their cherries. And today at the super I saw half a bag of same and bought it. I'd never eat a whole bag before it went off, and anyway it'd have cost over ten bucks. But half a bag that someone didn't want is perfect. So now I shall snack on those.

Today was marginally cooler and slightly less humid than the last weeks, but nowhere near cool and dry enough, and not likely to be through this month's end. Grey leaden sky and red ball of sun sinking in it. Went for a walk to buy a lottery ticket- 22 million jackpot, might as well- pausing to stretch out calves and back and hips that are all still objecting to the weather. Also washed my sheets because last night's too warm too cold shenanigans had me sweating into their dank bunched-up folds, never able to get them where I wanted them. Am tempted to turn on the central AC because even the window AC blows dank cold air, but know I won't. Economy, economy: but for what, I wonder?
Tags: food, rl_18

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