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Tick off Sunday from the list

Accomplish? On an August long weekend? Hardly. I had indifferent all-day breakfast at Pauper's: I want bacon and eggs and toast these days, but I don't want to cook them myself. So I go here and there, and always something isn't quite right. Grapefruit Moon has the best eggs and bacon but their potatoes are inedible. Future's potatoes are fine but their toast is soggy. Pauper's is just generally meh and the potatoes are rosemary fingerlings with green onions on top, which is all kinds of Do Not Want. So I shall tick another one off the box.

Did replace my rhodiola from the health food store, and then because the guy assured me that everything will go up in price because of the trade war, bought two. I hope that was just good salesmanship and not an accurate forecast of things to come. Why should stuff made in Canada from Canadian material increase in price just because stuff from the states does? 'Because they can!' the guy says.

However: I came home and scratched two itches. One was the blades of the ceiling fan that I finally got to clean because I can now, at last, get up on a chair and stand there without knees threatening to send me crashing to the floor. Then I took apart the standing fan in the living room and dusted that: no biggy, because I put that fan together, and required only pliers to get it apart. And then I tackled the bedroom fan.

The bedroom fan is an excellent fan, a present pre-assembled from friends who no longer needed it, and has done yeoman work for at least a decade. But because it's high quality, it's not at all clear how it comes apart. Possibly, like window fans, it's not meant to. If it gets dirty, throw it out and buy a new one. But I'm not doing that with something that blows as magnificently as my bedroom fan. (A Holmes, FYI.) Now, I was never the kind of child who took things apart to see how they worked, like my brother. I was a 'Do not touch that you'll break it!' kid. So, resigned to breaking the grill to get at the blades if need be, I studied the construction. Though there were no hinges holding front to back, turns out the cage isn't all one piece: a knife can be inserted between the lips and if you just squeeeze a bit, the front pops off. Victory! The dirt of decades has gone from my fan (and its front grill and its back) and it is, um well, more or less reassembled. A few pock pock pocks when turning off mark where the blades and the grill are not where they used to be. When I have access to male upper body strength again, I'll get everything pushed back in place. But for now, no more breathing dust!
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