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Cool for the moment

The moment I think ends tomorrow with a humidex of 31, but one takes what one can get, even if it feels a little odd without fans on in every room and the window AC at night. Having been hot and dry for the better part of a month, the weather is now wet and stormy, which makes accomplishment a tad difficult. *Maybe* Monday I'll get up to the Special Shoe Store amid Eglinton's chaos and see if they have wide-fitting running shoes. Or get all the cloth recycling down to Dufferin and College. After that, it's rain all week.

The ins and outs of e-readers are beyond this techno-peasant: whether a book is Kobe platform or Kindle platform or if there's a platform that will read Kobe/ Kindle books (I doubt it) or what. This is what keeps me from buying e-books of authors I might otherwise like to support who only publish in e-format. However, there's my tablet's Libby app that lets me read e-books from the library, and that is why I'm reading, or in some cases re-reading, Zen Cho, starting with Spirits Abroad. I read some of these stories online but they seem to have been edited since then, or rewritten for the book. For sure I don't remember the disquieting gastronomic details in The House of Aunts, and I think I would have.

Otherwise I'd be continuing with Poirots, but After the Funeral is impossible in e-book (too many names all at once: I need to flip back) and when I started Poirot Investigates, the first thing I get is (doubtless deliberately overdone) Orientalism and precious jewels that were once an idol's eyes etc. And right after is 'It was delivered by a Chinaman!' and 'I got them from a Chink.' The latter may be Christie saying something about the American speaker, but the former is Christie being of her generation. So I shall stick to Zen Cho for the moment, possibly alternating with Pratchett, partly because Cho makes for interesting dreams if read before bedtime and partly because my tablet doesn't travel.
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