mjj (flemmings) wrote,

This week, by stars benign, I had two days off, one of which was yesterday. Of course I meant to drop by work and help with the hideous Thursday cleanup, but mid-afternoon, just as the thunder was rolling in, I unaccountably fell asleep and when I woke it was 6:15. This was after I'd slept in to 10 in the morning. Am inclined to ascribe the somnolence to not paying attention to my meds ie 'did I take a Robaxacet this morning? Doesn't feel like it. Better take one now.'

Had very nice dreams while napping, though, one of which was that they reopened Honest Ed's for a day to hold his son's birthday party. (Ed has been dead over a decade and his son is older than I am.) It wasn't actually open for business, but they stocked the store with suits and kitchenware and such to make it look like the old days. Nor was it the real Honest Ed's, currently flattened to the ground, but a store in the basement level of some mall, opening onto the corridor and not the street. Still had the red and white signs though.

I myself was in the company of a very nice baby from an earlier forgotten part of the dream. But then it all went the anxiety route: I was late getting the baby back to her home and I had to drive her there and had forgotten how to drive and it was snowing and instead of turning on the heat or something, I pressed the windshield fluid button and the fluid froze and I couldn't see through it and and and, and then I woke up.

But it was a very nice baby nonetheless. Wonder who she is.
Tags: dreams, place, rl_18

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