mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Summer anvil

Well, I accomplished yesterday on my day off, getting polyester duvets and cotton bathmats washed at the laundromat, and then going for a walk in the evening. Just down to Bloor St. and, what's worse, to get a double ice cream cone. But I avoid walking far too much, and it does indeed help with the piriformis if you can ignore the piriformis yelling while you do it. So yeah, need to start with short promenades again.

Today however was muggy and hotter than it purported to be: unbreathing air and deadly sun at a mere 25C. So all I accomplished was my floor exercises, too often neglected because getting down on the floor is a painful exercise. Oh, but I did clean out the garbage bins at work- wooden boxes where the bags go, and then the squirrels rip into the bags (having already gnawed into the boxes) and cover the floor in six inches or 15 centimetres of paper towels and such. I shed a gallon of sweat but need not do it again for... oh well, several weeks at least.

Maybe. Because a large raccoon was lounging on the fire escape, clearly overcome by heat exhaustion, and when it tried to get at some rain water trapped in a bucket up there, managed to send a shower down on the toddlers' heads. If I must contend with raccoons in the garbage as well as squirrels, a closer eye needs to be kept on those bins.

And now am home in blessed AC, because lows of 22 at 6 a.m. are not nearly low enough.
Tags: health, rl_18

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