mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The day's happiness

A decade or so ago, after renovating the bathroom, I had my air ducts cleaned through a company recommended by the gas company. Wasn't terribly impressed by the guys or the job. The former were tattooed foul-mouthed cigarette smokers, and though they got a vast amount of detritus out (I heard it rumbling and crashing into the tube) and theoretically sprayed a disinfectant into the ducts, the air seemed no different afterwards.

But what with rats and all, I figured it needed to be done again. And now is the age of the internet when one can read reviews of any business at all, so I picked someone with a first-class reputation. One man in a van rather than three, who kept in touch regularly rather than showing up when he showed up. When I mentioned the basement window through which the previous guys had run their sucking hose to the truck, he said 'Oh no, I do each vent individually, from top to bottom.' This meant of course that there would be a large noisy rubber hose going into each room in turn, so I took off to hang out at work. And wise in season, gave him a cheque before leaving because, as I said, 'Once I'm there they don't like to let me go again.'

'They' in this case was little Moonbeam who had a totally unprecedented meltdown requiring the presence of one person to soothe and distract her, meaning me, so I didn't leave the place until closing. Then had a drink and dinner, and came home wondering how the work turned out.

My house smelled *clean*. No mould, no must, all fresh and... non-bacterial. Yay for Ozone Duct Cleaning, what lives up to its name.
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