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The day after - Off the Cliff

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Mon Jun 25th, 2018

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11:01 am - The day after
Yanno, I do my stretches regularly. Like, I can't walk if I don't. And I have a little tennis ball that I lie on and roll about on that hits those nasty muscle knots and eases them. And things are loose and I can walk pretty much OK and go me.

And then I get to my shiatsu masseuse's and she sticks her thin steel fingers into a hip flexor or a piriformis and oh dear god what was that oh dear god the pain the pain!!!

And after that I can walk without my knee brace, the one I wear to bed. For about five hours and then everything twinges again. But still: progress.

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Date:June 27th, 2018 06:27 am (UTC)
Woohoo for your masseuse!! A few rounds of that and I hope things will fix themselves and stay fixed!
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Date:June 28th, 2018 02:02 pm (UTC)
I hope so too, but my body seems to do rebound sulks a lot.

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