mjj (flemmings) wrote,

These things are sent to try us

Suddenly there's an unpleasant smell coming up the vent in the study. Not dead animal so much as... semi-fecal? Blowing heat in the winter didn't cause this, and the random warmth during May didn't start it off, and there's still lots of poison in boxes outside to discourage rodents. Don't know what it is and almost wish for my nose blindness back. But I bit the bullet and contacted a recommended duct cleaning service who will hopefully dispose of whatever it is. Some time before I have to turn on the central AC. (Though really? I have a tablet for web cruising and solitaire playing. I'm no longer obliged to sit in the broiling back room with its insufficient cold air supply, when I could sit in the front bedroom with its efficient window unit. There, that's that sorted.)

But I went to Wiener's and bought a duct cover for that vent, firmly closed, and put a section of vinyl tile in front of it, and the mirror in front of that. Can still smell it, and of course even more in the bathroom. May be time to bring out the coffee bags again.

But since I was being pro-active, and since I was at Wiener's, I shelled out for the expensive filters for the bedroom air filterer, and I took a pair of pants someone made for me oh fifteen-twenty years ago, that were always too long, to the seamstress who shortened my brother's nightshirt. Had meant to ask if she could make a pocket from the excess, but forgot. No matter. A pair of summer pants is a pair of summer pants and these at least are loose enough.

Would do the Wednesday meme but in fact have read nothing since Nightwatch and Point of Sighs and am again uninspired to read anything further. I have holds on two ebooks at the library, but they keep their holds and returns in a separate section from the paper books, and I use a different platform from theirs to read, so I don't know when they'll become available.

In happier news, M bounced onto my phone this evening, announcing they'd reached a verdict and she was available to do my shifts at least tomorrow. So calhoo callhay for that.
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