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Once upon a time in my giddy youth- pre-65, that was- I used to cook! I made curries and stewed meat and roasted chickens, and I have the spices to prove it which I should throw out because they're all four or five years old. Actually, the chicken roasting is a recent thing but it's not something I do in the summer, however cool the summer may however briefly be at the moment. Now all I want is something easy to throw together that goes well with a Johnson cocktail.

Thus I will sing the praises of Mainstream Bread, whole wheat with preservatives, that lasts two weeks and doesn't need to be consumed in two days like the healthy stuff. I will add-- Avocadoes!! because they are fatty and full of potassium. Spread on soft Mainstream Bread and add a little low-cal mayonnaise for flavour. Cover with thin-sliced cucumber; if desired, coat with a schmeer of Dijonnaise mustard; grind sea salt over all. It has plastic in it, but so what. A bit of camembert on a whole wheat cracker for protein. And that, my dears, is filling and satisfying and digestible and I will probably eat it all summer unless two slices of bread in the evening turns out to be as weight-putting-on as pasta (which I also used to cook, in those dear bygone days before the metabolism went all awry.) Which I really doubt.
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