mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Warm Reading Wednesday

Last finished?

Rose Tremaine, Evangelista's Fan
-- very nice collection of short stories told in a low-key style that I'm not competent to analyze but which seems different from any other mainstream writer I know. Or maybe it's just that her people are different from the regular run. There are loving husbands here, and people who actually find their dreams even if they lose them later, and people who lose their dreams but get them back. I think it's a feat if someone can make me care about middle class waipipo, and Tremaine does.

I did hope Evangelista would be a woman, but evidently it's a guy, Evangelista Torricelli, who made the first barometer.

Emma Newman, All is Fair
-- third in the Split World series, and full of people I don't much care about actually. I trust the worst Badnasties will come to a bad end in the next two books, but I'm not going to read them, especially since the purported hero is such an insensitive brick.

Reading Now?

Happily, Point of Sighs has gained steam and I chug along in its chewy story. This is the most substantial Astreiant book since Point of Dreams of happy memory.

Started a reread of Nightwatch which I should have done last week when maybe the weather was more like it. Do not recall last week any more than this; work and heat (and causelessly unhappy infants) shortcircuit the brain. But it's still nostalgic Discworld again.

Next up?

Good question. Am tempted to chuck Plain Pleasures and Across the Frontier into someone's Wee Free, on the grounds that I am too old for improving reading.
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