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November with fllowers - Off the Cliff

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Fri May 11th, 2018

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09:46 pm - November with fllowers
High of 10C/ 50F, low last night of 5C/ 41F. Tempted to turn on the heat (and do a wash and hang it on the basement lines to dry, guaranteed last time this year) but don't because in two days it'll be 25C/ 77F plus humidex. But I did sleep in full winter rig plus beanbags and flannel sheets, and perversely woke up wet with sweat. True, it might have been a fever breaking, though the present scratchy throat seems more likely to be due to allergies than head cold. Everything blooms, and the sky is a low grey ceiling that keeps the pollen under a dome. Last week's mighty winds are a distant memory.

Made it to the Duff Mall today and bought underwear at last. I don't really care that my underpants are ragged, but eventually they do disintegrate altogether. Am cheesed that 100% cotton can only be found in briefs and that everything else has spandex in some quantity. This summer is going tobe a hot one and spandex, even 5%, is not good in sweaty summers. But I also succeeded in finding thin loose rayon pants, one pair only, to get me through the humid days, now that my only other pair threatens to fall apart as well. I do have light summer pants that would be perfectly comfy if I could lose just another five pounds, or if my core strengthening exercises would flatten the abdomen just a bit. But that can't be counted on: otherwise I'd have bought the L size rayon pants that nearly fit, as well as the XL that, oddly, don't fit that much better. Ah well. We shall see. Heat may destroy the appetite that returned autumn has sparked into sugar and carb cravings.
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Date:May 13th, 2018 11:23 pm (UTC)
The weather is being changeable here as well, and while it's a relief to have it a bit warmer, life and planning would be easier if it would stay at the same approximate temperature for more than a single day.

And it's still cold at night. I have yet to change the sheets/duvet cover from flannel to lighter-weight, even if I have scaled up from heavy pyjamas and bedsocks to medium pyjamas...
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Date:May 14th, 2018 02:31 am (UTC)
Yes, I've upscaled too, occasionally dispensing with the trouser portion of my night rig. The temperatures' bouncing ball effect has me wondering when to ditch the flannel, and the answer seems to be 'not till you start opening windows at night' ie not yet.

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