mjj (flemmings) wrote,

ETA: See. This is why I don't want to stop reading fanficrants. Umlaut. I'm enchanted. I want to write umlaut. I just can't think of any canonically gay characters to write it with and any females to pair them with. Maybe I'll just go back to trying some of those narrative tricks the Chinese writers do in their fics, the ones that paleaswater keeps talking about.

OK. I need an alternative to lj. I don't want to see the stupid fugly navigation strip that they slapped on my lj today. I disenabled it in my own preferences- do not show it in mine, do not show it in others. But evidently unless an lj owner has disenabled it in their own options, I'm going to see the stupid fugly navigation strip. So to a bunch of lj-community owners- disenable the fugly navigation strip please.

Of course this is a good way of breaking the fanficrants habit. But it'll only drive me to the journalfen wank communities aka The Sheep Look Up, and the pickings there are much much worse. No really- they are.
Tags: lj, techy, writing

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