mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Wicked governors

So our mayor in his time has worked for Rogers Communications (spits) and Brian Mulroney (spits twice), which doesn't necessarily make him a bad man. When he declines to plow the streets after our five inches of sleet because it will all melt immediately and plowing will only block the sewers so there'll be flooding, I snort incredulously, because five inches of packed sleet will block sewer gratings anyway. But indeed the streets, even the side streets, were bare to centre bare today. Not the bike lanes of course, because they're at the edges and 'no plows' means no little bobcat plows either.

And *there* is where I'm cursing His Worship the Mayor, because the sidewalks were impossible in a way I've never seen. Not just slushy, but deep and heavy slushy-- quickslush, where you pull your foot free from the semi solid guck at every step, poling along painfully with the help of one's hiking staff. The sluggardly denizens of Christie St are evidently dependent on those little bobcats, because no one had shovelled their sidewalks by this afternoon until practically next to the station, where the retirement home and the Jesus Is Lord people had very Christianly managed it. The Baptists, I note wrathfully, didn't even try, in spite of having services yesterday while the stuff was falling. If I can shovel muck in the freezing rain (again and again and again), rottit, so can they.

And having made it to the station, thinking I should have worn two grippers instead of one, and possibly had a cocktail to deaden the pain of walking in the biting damp cold, I couldn't face the stairs and so took a cab to work. And marvel of marvels! all along Bloor St the good burghers and merchants had *all* shovelled their sidewalks clear to the curb, all of them, from Christie to past Spadina.

Yeah, sure. Maybe it wsn't the city; maybe it was the Annex Business Association what hired those bobcat plows, but bobcat plows had for sure been at work there. And coming home up my street, I noticed the west side looking very virtuous and clean, which can't be the Good Samaritan Snowblower because this stuff does not blow (except figuratively) but may have been the same guy out with a shovel, because even the House Perennially A-building was clear, though the A-builders were completely absent.
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