mjj (flemmings) wrote,

It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshiney day

I won't say March was all sun all the time, but that's how it feels. Day after day of blue skies and cold sun, starting back in mid-February, actually. Others complain of the cold- 'I wanna be wearing a t-shirt!'- but t-shirt weather in March means hideous heat in July. So no, I don't complain of the (really, quite seasonable) chill. Besides, it'll end this week with temps in the 50sF and rain.

The stark sun of March always makes me think of 1996 and returning from Japan, and taping Babylon 5 for Finder Jean, and cleaning my house after its half decade of neglect. That I was still in Japan in March '96, and that April of that month was dank and grey, and that I'm really remembering 1997, desn't really matter. Memory becomes poety over time: not the way it was but the way it feels when arranged for aesthetic effect.

Due to an oversight by the pharmacy I'm low on stomach coaters, so didn't take any prescription painkillers today and... did not die? Actually went for a walk? This suggests what I've been fearing all along, which is that my anti-inflams don't actually work that well. This may save my kidneys the damage my doctor keeps darkly hinting at, but does nothing for those days when the joints really really hurt. Mayybe I should just say 'placebo effect' and the hell with my kidneys.

Yesterday up from my aunt's place there was a large crane blocking half of Avenue Rd and the east side sidewalk. I went up to see what was afoot and found a white-haired gentlemen watching the backed-up traffic and the officious workmen with their signs and yellow tape. 'You can still get to the Dakota' he said, which I gather is a residence on the near side of the condo that's abuilding up at the Davenport corner. I said no, I just wanted to see what was going on. Well, a new condo, casting all the surrounding buildings in the shade. 'We went to the OMB- Ontario Municipal Board, an unelected body essentially owned by the developers that will allow just about any new building regardless of height and traffic flow- and they just said Pfft to us.' There have been moves to get us out of the clutches of the OMB but it hasn't happened yet. 'I'll tell you something. I'm 84, and I'm really glad I won't be around much longer.' I agreed, and refrained from mentioning my 96 year od aunt waiting for me a block away. Expectations don't always pan out.

But I take a certain grim pleasure in the thought of those well-heeled condoites in their fiftieth floor suites coping with our antiquated sewer system and our frequent blckouts. Give me water pressure and only one floor to walk down any time.
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