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I have FAXed off my order to Vancouver's Iwase Books and am hoping they got it and will be able to provide me with ZeroSums and Shounen Gangans in a prompt and uncustomised fashion. (FAXes, she scoffs. How last century. The Japanese love of the FAX machine is beyond my understanding. So is the love of .pdf documents, and Iwase requires using both.)

I must be grateful there's at least one Japanese bookstore in this mighty land that will import, but I'm still mightily pissed that Kinokuniya sees no reason to open a store in Canada. Shipping across the border from NYC shouldn't be a problem, you think? Not if they'd use the mail- but all America-based Japanese companies ship by Fedex et al. Customs stops all Fedex parcels automatically and the others randomly to see if there's GST to be had; and if there is- a pittance, always: I was once charged .99 for some used magazines- the shipping companies charge me $25-30 for filling out the paperwork.

So screw Kinokuniya, screw Fedex (though Purolator is worse), and screw Canada Customs and Revenue. This is sometimes a great nation but not when its borders are involved.

Googling in vain hopes of finding magazine codes, I discover Shounen Gangan has become much bigger than when I read it a dozen years ago. FMA will do it to you. But I'm getting it for Papuwa which continues to exert its old fascination over me in the old way: the family's backstory. In the last ep I have Magic is leafing over a family album, and there's a picture of *his* father with his four sons, and oh how we would have drooled for that back in the day. But more: there's a picture of some tall guy in glasses standing in back of a group portrait. 'What- *still*-?' Magic snarls and rips the picture out and tears it apart. Ahh, the old deadly poison works in my veins. Who is this man? What did he do? Why does Magic feel strongly enough about him to destroy all his photos?

So I want to say- C'mon, Iwase, deliver. But knowing Shibata, who dangles hints for years occasionally before resolving them, I shall say- deliver with all deliberate speed.
Tags: fandom, manga, manga_06, papuwa
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