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The mundane

The city, in its ketchi fashion, contracted out the garbage pickup some years ago. The workers are, as I understand it, non-unionized and underpaid, which might explain their cavalier attitude to the bins. One less endearing habit (not as bad as bashing the plastic bins about until they develop holes and then refusing to empty the bin because it's damaged) is dragging a bin down to the truck and then abandoning it in front of a house it doesn't belong to. Thus I came out yesterday to an unfamiliar green bin on my lawn. I taped a note on it- 'Anyone own this bin? It's not mine'- and left for work. Came home to find bin still in situ with a doggie bag added. This morning I turned it over on its side, taped note to side, and went to work. Came home to find someone had added another doggie bag and a baby's diaper. Have now turned it upside down and taped the note to its bottom. If there was any way of tying it shut, be sure I would, because peope in this town are shameless. Put poop bags and diaper into a plastic bag and hung it on my hedge as a subtle hint.

Exploring the joys of online shopping, I odered two pairs of pants from Old Navy, a store which otherwise hangs out in the bowels of the Eaton Centre amidst hordes of teenagers with nowhere to go. Their yoga pants are wonderful, save for a lack of pockets. But the summer pants I bought at a prudent 2XL (can't bend over in Mark's Warehouse's 2XLs) turn out to be made for someone twice my size. ON have an easy return policy if you can find a UPS dropoff, but I want to make sure their XL fits. I might even need an L at this rate. Was all set to transit down today- it's only two blocks south of Bed Bath and Beyond but the wnds still blow and there's even more construction down there- until it occurred to me that the Friday of March break is no time to be attempting anything at Wakamono South, much less exchanging items. Next week will do.
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