mjj (flemmings) wrote,

For the Oak and the Ash, they are all cutten down

The sack of Markham St continues. Buildings are coming down on the west side of the street, god knows why, because the main construction site is not only on the east side, but on the eastern portion of the block by Bathurst. Worse, they took down the big old tree near the bicycle store, that had glow lights wound about its trunk all through the year. At least the trees by the remaining east side buildings, which I hope are to have their facades preserved, have the mandatory fences about them. Whether they survive the heavy digging and pounding that goes with erecting massive condo buildings is another matter.

My tablet has been going black on me and this morning the back button didn't work at all. Turns out to be a common side effect of having a tght fitting case. This was not mentioned in the glowing review of the Fintie keyboard and carrying case that persuaded me to buy the thing.

Meanwhile my dryer fails to dry adequately. It shouldn't take two cycles for a towel to stop being damp. Granted, it's at least thirty years old and has served me well. But it seems I can't wait to win a lottery to replace my failing possessions. A chunk of change from the Money Tree may be required, to provide a new stove and bicycle and washing machine. Dryer? The fact is, I rarely use the thing. Just for towels and, more rarely, sheets and pillowcases, because you will recall I sleep fully dressed. When all that shows are feet and hands, linen doesn't get nearly as manky as you'd think. And a good thing too, because my work clothes make up for it in spades. Tops and socks and singlets all go into the hamper every working day, and frequently on weekends as well. But they dry quite happily on the line most of the year. And the rest- well, there's a perfectly good laundromat a block and a half away.

The thing is, I hate shopping for appliances even more than I hate shopping for clothes. Laargely because the stores are way out in the burbs and require a car to reach.

Oh, and shall mention- Boodles gin is vastly inferior to Tanqueray. Just so you know.
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