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The days continue in loose-end March fashion- not very cold, not at all warm, trying to decide between rain and snow and, luckily for me, usually ending with the former. I've discovered online Yukon Solitaire on this tablet, much cleaner and neater than the one I play on the desktop, but with the chiz curses factor of no options available beyond base rules: one can only move the kings into empty spaces. Hence I lose many games, and still play obsessively.

Yukon was my solitaire of choice in the long ago when I still wrote fic (late 90s, early oh noes) and needed to noodle a plot point while not-thinking about anything else. It replaced Free Cell, which tells you how far back we're going here. At some point my browser wouldn't do java or adobe flash player and I had to switch to Addiction solitaire, which I can't think to. And now, well, I could maybe think plot points if I still had stories to tell and a convenient means of telling them, which the tablet isn't quite, yet. If nothing else, I'd have to send my stories to the cloud, and I'm uncertain as to whether I could retrieve them afterwards. I mean, if FTP are not in use anymore, does everyone's server pick stuff out of clouds, and if so, how?

But back to abbreviated reading memes.

Good Omens.

Reading now?
Still with Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, now that we're into the voodoo sections. I keep meaning to go back and finish Tell my Horse to get the lowdown on Santeria from at least an anthropological point of view, so having it crop up here feels like the Flow happening. And Berent is rivetting reading.

And next?
Keep meaning to finish Athyra as well, because. Keep meaning to start that biography of Da Vinci or the medieval Eco novel. (The other medieval Eco novel.) Have a thumping huge book of Holmes pastiche which will do for sofa reading, since it's too heavy even to bring upstairs. But feel a vague need for meat and potatoes reading, since nothing this year has been.

Who Killed Sherlock Holmes?
--one has to have read vol 2 to make sense of vol 3, and vol 2 has people going to Hell, literally, and suffering psychic fallout in vol 3. And personally a) I don't trust anyone but Dante to do hell convincingly, and b) I suspect Cornell of writing non-stop broken suffering characters merely so he can look like a dark and stormy writer. Which I will admit is unfair just on the basis of one book. Mind, that book broke me and made me suffer, so I'm not much invested in fairness here. But anyway- too Goth for me, and Cornell is a horror writer manque, perhaps trying to put his Dr Who days behind him.

As well, fancy I shan't finish the latest Rebus. Am getting tired of Edinburgh gangsters and the old cops that bromance them.
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