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What's the opposite of bitter cold? Sweet cold? Then yes, we have the sweet cold of early March in a translucent blue evening, the third Sunday in a row for same. Sun, clear skies, the great big blue room. And I have managed to connect my bluetooth keyboard to this tablet, which makes me feel like I've conquered the world. Mind, I think I've also connected it to one of next door's phones as well, because the only device the bluetooth could find on the first three tries was a Blackberry. It would be nice if things worked right the first time, but oh well. I kind of miss having a mouse but doubtless I'll work out the shortcuts for that too. And find the Del key, because there doesn't seem to be one.

Meanwhile I actually finished a book! a reread of Good Omens. (I love you, angle brackets, never leave me again.) Nice change from hard-drinking Scots policemen, and makes more sense now I've got most of the Pratchett and Gaimen oeuvres under my belt. Do not see how it could spark a huge writing fandom, but that's me.
Tags: reading_18, techy

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