mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Hey, I like this meme-

Leave a comment praising yourself to the skies. Genuine, unqualified praise. Tell me something about you that's utterly awesome.

though I see people don't seem to know how to do it.

Like this:

Babies love me. I can make any baby mine, heart and soul, in about thirty minutes: twenty if there's any kind of predisposition. I've done it in five. The US government should be me: they'd have passionate fans from Vietnam to Iraq. Half the countries would cry when the American delegate entered the UN because they'd think the American delegate is Mommy and they missed hir.

I can put almost any baby to sleep except the ones that really aren't tired. I can tell which angle, speed and position works best to rock each baby, and I can also tell if se wants to lie down and be patted instead.

And I *always* know who has a full diaper. The nose knows. What a wine taster was lost when I took up my present occupation.

Your turn.
Tags: meme, rl

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