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Ill-advised late Pepsi meant I couldn't sleep last night, so after however long meditating and then doing leg strengthening clenches, I got up and ordered a keyboard for this beast And I pray God make me able to pay for it, as Pepys would say: at least it was from an in-country source,so no tariffs and handling charges. Then went online again and bought an acrostic book from England, and I apologize to amazon.uk, because they did apply the book token refund to my new purchase after all.

Then fell asleep somewhere towards 6 a.m. and woke bright eyed and bushy-tailed at 9:15. This would be a neat trick if I could rely on it, but it only works if I don't actually *have* to be up for anything. Be sure that if I'd had work today, even in the late afternoon, I'd have been a zombie.

As it is, I went for two walks in the lovely gold sunshine. Walking is the best exercise for the damnable piriformis, says the webpage, aside from the stretches I do so often and so uselessly. I shall hope that today's limping about has had some good effect.
Tags: health, rl_18

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