mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The Johnson Cocktail consists of 3 parts gin, 2 parts French (dry) vermouth, and 1 part Italian (sweet) vermouth. I read a detective story once where someone pronounced the mixing of sweet and dry vermouths to be abominable. Turnes out he was the murderer.

My father collected Rowlandson prints (18th century British satirist, a bit more genial than Gillray, not as inspired as Hogarth) which he donated to the Art Gallery of Ontario after my mother died in 1979, except for the ones that hung in the house. Some years after his death in 1985 there was a big exhibition of these prints. At the opening ceremony the AGO served the Johnson Cocktail. It was probably the most hilarious opening the AGO has ever seen.

I mention this fact because I am currently drunk on Johnson Cocktails. (It only takes one.) This is how one survives renovations. I recommend it to anyone currently in any kind of difficulty.
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