mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Not to jinx it

But prophylactic salt-and-gripper-buying seems to have caused the Major Freezing Rain thing to veer off north of us, so that with luck, tomorrow will merely be rainy wet, not ankle twisting.

Finished Jhegaala. Remembered vaguely that I had problems with it last time, in the 'too confusing, can't make sense of it' way. I think now it's because of a plot hole big enough to drive a horse through. Basically here's this dangerous-looking guy come into town asking for the local pariahs who live down the road. For some reason everyone reads this as a threat. Well, OK, dangerous-looking guy is a threat. Wouldn't it be simpler to take *him* out- by knifepoint or poison, since witchcraft won't work- rather than kill eight members of pariah family that haven't bothered us in generations? The amount of violence suddenly brought to bear on mere supposition seems a bit unlikely.

I also recall that this is where I start losing sympathy for Vlad, who's always wanting to break people's legs or kill them or whatever, just for serving the wrong kind of wine. Yes, the guy is under stress. No, the guy has learned nothing from the stress he's brought on himself.
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