mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Oh lost, and by the wind grieved

The day after my slip on the ice I went to go out and found both my gloves and my second-best mittens missing. I may have left the first on the sidewalk, but not if they were encased in the second. (They're second-best because they have non-intuitive openwork on the back, but they work fine for double-bagging.) In front of Joti's house there was one sodden black glove in the snow, but not a trace of the other, which is sad because these were the double layer gloves only available, and only occasionally, at the dollar store that is now closing.

I got to work and, as is my wont, went down to transfer laundry into the dryer because nobody does if I don't and then people are headless-chooking about 'we have no bibs! we have no face cloths!' as if these things should exist in plentiful supply. Which they normally do because I see they get into the dryer. Lather, rinse, repeat. But there, amid a pile of back-up toddler gloves, were my second-hand mitts. So at least that's OK.

(Parenthetically, in the better mousetrap dep't, if it's possible to get a pair of mitts or gloves that are relatively waterproof and that *aren't* gigantic lobster claws, that slide on easily and don't fall off, the mfgrer will clean up. The non-slide-offness can be supplied by older children's socks; just make a socks with thumb-slots, maybe like tabi-socks but longer (they must come up to the kid's elbows) in a blend, and maybe you have it.)

The other thing I lose perpetually is little hand sanitizer bottles. I tend to leave them in restaurants and have occasionally been followed out into the street by polite Korean and Japanese waitstaff coming to return it to me. This should have made me careful, but then I did it again today. Maybe I'll buy a bunch of travel bottles from the dollar store and use those instead.
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