mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Bloody January again

We're having a thaw- lows above freezing, possible high of 9 tomorrow. They said 'risk of freezing rain this afternoon' which didn't happen. When I left work in the rain, after an on-and-off nine hour day, the sidewalks were merely wet, while Christie's wet had the occasional melting ice patches. But as I started up my street my feet slid out from under me and I landed on hands and knees. Invisible sheer ice. And I couldn't get up. No traction for hands or boots, just the flattest of flat slipperiness. Very disconcerting. So in high dudgeon I sat down on the not particularly wet ice (no, I have no idea why it wasn't wet- it was raining, after all), pulled open my backpack and wrestled the ice gripper onto my boot, which careful me had put there this morning in case of just such an eventuality. So was able to get to my feet as a helpful Samaritan came up, but still slid in a couple of spots before reaching my adequately-salted domicile.

Still don't know where the ice came from: must have been very localized freezing rain.

Burton, The Miniaturist
-- left a bad taste in the mouth, for no good reason

Brust, Teckla
-- to have it over with. When Vlad is a jerk, he jerks in spades, but still- I've read worse. Like all of Amber.

Ima Ichiko, Hyakki Yakousho 26
-- as always, time in another world, is why I dragged feet on reading the last story. Well, also because second last story was the usual confusion requiring several readings. Finally a mention of the war- Grandma saying that most of her relatives died in it. And a new branch: Kagyuu's sister's multiple offspring's descendants seem to have produced at least one person who inherited the same youkai-seeing gene as Kagyuu himself. Of course, Ritsu wants nothing to do with that branch of the family, and I wait to see if that's just *him* being a jerk or if he's showing common sense again.

Reading now?
Brust's Phoenix and, desultorily, The Paths of the Dead.

Oh, shall continue with Vlad, no doubt. Path of least resistance
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