mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Weariness of the flesh and spirit

I'm no longer chuffed about walking. It's slow and uncomfortable, and now the streets are doing their melt/ freeze/ glare ice/melt/freeze routine, it requires more care even than snow does. Agree, knees have been largely lamblike through this, and I remember how very very unlamby they were last year, but... but... I do so miss my bicycle.

Also my wonderful nandemoii dollar store is going to close in mid-March. The gym upstairs, which took over what was the dollar store's home furnishing section in palmier times, wants to expand, or possibly not to bring the ceiling down with its machines. I shall miss them so much. I bought my tops there and my hats there, my bike lights and three-colour pens, my reading glasses and sunglasses, my winter socks and gloves, my first, excellent camisoles, laundry hampers & side tables & comforters, gifts for The Little Girls when they were, and untold amounts of hard- and kitchenware. I'm sure taxes have something to do with this, and possibly the presence of Dollarama around the corner- but Dollarama has nothing- and maybe Price Wars across Bathurst- but Price Wars is a hodgepodge and hard to navigate.

I only know my store going and I'm so sad.
Tags: place, rl_18

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