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Since I managed to stay up late reading through the hols and then… - Off the Cliff — LiveJournal

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Wed Jan 3rd, 2018

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10:53 pm
Since I managed to stay up late reading through the hols and then sleep in to noon several days, this week's two enforced risings, even if not early by anyone's standards but mine, were hard on the body. But work crisis (staff with pheumonia who called me late on New Year's Day) has been resolved at no cost to myself, and I may sleep as late as I please the next four days. Barring phone calls.

Some day in this trackless past week- Friday? Saturday?- I was looking through the study bookshelves for something and found an unfinished book of double crostics. Am pretty sure I haven't done those things in ten years. But I opened it, fatally, and started doing one, and now... Can't figure which is a worse time-killer, those or Addiction Solitaire, or which more depressing. Maybe I should splurge on a TV and cable, or something like that, and start watching TV shows again. Those I might learn something from.

Nothing but Taltos and Dragon. Do not recall Dragonbeing quite this annoying the first two times I read it.

And now?
(shuffles feet) Orca. Path of least resistance, and Paarfi is suddenly too wordy, and and and.

Must get on with The Miniaturist, due back next Monday.

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