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Well, that was the year that was - Off the Cliff

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Mon Jan 1st, 2018

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06:52 pm - Well, that was the year that was
Years begin to lose their flavour. 2017 made no impression on me at all, not even weather-wise. They say it rained all spring and most of the summer, and I noted it at the time- that the forecast was always calling for rain- but I remember no deluges like the unforgettably wet summer of 2008 or even the steadily drizzling June of 2015. I have to remind myself that I had the upper hallway tiled and the flat roof repaired, because the memory of it happening has gone. Roofs aren't something one thinks about ordinarily, but I walk along that hallway every day and as far as I'm concerned, it looks the way it always has.

I read 100 books last year, more or less, but none sticks in the mid the way 2016's reading challenge did. Mostly they were forgettable books, and I dropped the TBR challenge some time in the spring. Even the rat infestation of October and November fades: was surprised at getting an email from the exterminators saying they'd be around mid-January for a checkup. Oh, right- that was three months ago, in another life. (Well, that's the effect of snow, actually: it catapults me into another universe entirely.)

The one thing different this year is that I finally lost weight, after asserting for two years that my body simply wouldn't any more. Would like to lose more, obviously, but I've gone as far as I can with no starch in the evening. Now I must restrict intake the rest of the time; or, if my knees will be cooperative, see what walking can do. I'm in the last month before cortisone shot, which is when the cortisone effects wear off, and I've been twinging these last few days, alas.

Oh, and my house is also marginally cleaner than last year. I am in love with the edging tool on the vacuum, which lets me clean crevices and lampshades and curtains without sending dust flying, and while I'm doing that I also vacuum the floors. A kind of satisfaction there, at any rate.
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