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Makes her feel the way she used to feel

Erranded in a satisfactory fashion today: the library, the bank, a post box, Doug Miller; subwayed back a stop and bussed up to Loblaws and got necessities there. It being a month till my next cortisone shot and bitingly cold, my knee likes to tell me about its lack of cartilage, but is still generally well-behaved. Heat patches took care of the hip. Shoulder and elbow... ah well. But nonetheless, after I got home, I took my trusty ice chopper and (carefully, I assure you, and very mindfully) removed the packed snow from the Indian Gardener's Son's house, and the Picket Fences house, and the Blasted Maple house, and the Nice But Messy house, quite as if it was ten years ago. Haven't done this in three years, and the inability to shovel has bothered me no end. No, this won't become a habit, alas, but is so satisfying in the meantime.

My bro and s-i-l surpassed themselves in the gifts department this year. Bro gave me a Johnson Cocktail Kit- Bombay Sapphire gin, Noilly Prat dry vermouth, Cinzano sweet vermouth, and a bottle of olives. Fretted about the lack of a cocktail shaker, but I assured him I take my cocktails stirred, not shaken. And measured by eye, which I didn't say because it would have distressed his purist's soul.

S-i-l gave me a leather shoulder bag. I haven't used a bag in twenty-plus years, because weight on one shoulder starts neck vertebrae screaming. But of course the shoulder bags I used in the 90s were huge things that held my teaching supplies in Japan, or books and writing materials and what-all here, so of course they would. I have a teensy little bag for dress occasions that will hold keys and a wallet (but not a change purse as well) and *maybe* a cell phone if you push. Otherwise useless.

But L got me a Roots flat bag, of a kind I think must have been discontinued because I can't find it online. Folded over, it's 9.5 inches wide and 8 high and looks like a purse; the strap doubles and one can carry it on the arm. Unfolded, it's 12 inches high and goes over the shoulder or, if one is slender, can be carried like a small backpack. It will take wallet and change purse and phone and pills and a paperback and glasses, or if unfolded, will accommodate a hardcover or a notebook. And most of all, I can take it to the museum or AGO and not have to part with a thing except my coat. Oh happy day!
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