mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Quiet night

It's sad when you reach an age that socks are a welcome Christmas present, but I got socks for Christmas from Finder Jean and am very happy. Also a New Year's wreath and year of the dog figurine. Oh, the year of the dog! 1994, back in Tokyo, and astonishingly a quarter of a century ago.

Don't yet know what I'm getting from bro and s-i-l because I have incipient malaise which suggests I not go next door and drink/ eat heavily; maybe tomorrow.

But had a good day nonetheless, in that I got to do all the things that tendinitis stopped me doing yesterday, like vacuuming the downstairs, putting through laundry, cooking up those chicken livers, and (new this day) clearing the snow that fell again last night. All of which makes me very content to be inside in my clean house, wrapped up in quilts and drinking sweet tea. This is a cold winter so hibernation is strongly advised.
Tags: japan, xmas

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