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Why I never throw anything out - Off the Cliff

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Thu Dec 21st, 2017

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09:31 pm - Why I never throw anything out
Rooted through the kitchen catch-all, found my old black-faced watch, went over to the Duff Mall and got a new battery for it, and there I am. Old watch is looser in the band than the new one, and it's so nice not to have my wrists bitten. Of course, new white-faced watch is at my acupuncture studio in the Lost and Found box, reception informs me.

Evening with the not-so-little girls. 2-4 inches of snow forecast to be starting in late afternoon, which hadn't by the time I left work, greatly to my annoyance- 'I could have biked.' Instead of taking the Spadina car to station and walking the equivalent of three blocks up to the actual Spadina line, I limped over to the St George station which is directly on the Spadina line. To be greeted by large sign: No Presto, No escalators. I know there's no escalators at the St George entrance but the no Presto service is a slap in the face. Why push your bloody card, TTC, if your main entrance doesn't take it? Grumpily paid cash fare, limped down stairs, took train two stops, took escalator up. Mh- north exit or south? North exit is on the right ie west side of the street and involves crossing Dupont; south is on the wrong ie east and involves crossing Spadina, which is a hairy proposition because Spadina traffic is heavy and likes to zoom round corners. But south escalator is closer, so take that: and a good thing too, because the north-west corner is totally blocked by construction and you can't cross there.

Snow in fact does not start until I'm leaving their house at 8:30. Grump: I could have biked.

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