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Fast away the old order passes

They were cutting down the Bloor-facing sign at Honest Ed's this afternoon. Many people were out with cell phones and video cameras to record them doing it. Honest Ed's frontage had a million lights that twirled cheerfully about the red and yellow signage. Yes, it was garish, but it was an innocent garish, as the hokiness of Ed's signs was an innocent hokiness. The suits on Bay St would never do such a thing, and never would have done such a thing, and that's why Ed was a Toronto institution and the suits are the reason non-Torontonians spit at the mention of Toronto.

Also I have lost my watch, unless the backpack of holding has swallowed it again. I took it off at acupuncture last night and failed, as I often do, to put it back on; and as I put it in the open side pocket, the odds of it slipping out are very good indeed. People nowadays use their phones; I can only say, there's no comparison.

When you read kids' books and YA, you can read fast. Hence:
Anne Ursu, The Real Boy
- probably found this on someone's list of Books With Disabled Protagonists, but so long ago I can't remember who or what. Thus came to it with an open mind. Well, openish: having read another book with the same settei I was able to go Ahah when confronted with protag's world view.

Eric Kimmel, Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins
- fun from the FL.

Vallista arrived yesterday. Must read ASAP since there are still umpteen holds on it at the library.

Holiday reading from the holds list- The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England- A Handbook for Visitors to the Fourteenth Century for meat and potatoes, and The Miniaturist for, hopefully, lighter fun.
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