mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Objects and me

Fifteen months ago I bought a water pic. I used it for the first time last night. (There needs to be a word for 'phobia about reading the instructions pertaining to a new gadget.') It's lots of splashy fun but does not, as my brother averred, remove all the stuff under the bridge that flossing doesn't get. Flossing may not get it but my mini-bottle brushes (in four graded sizes) do.

Years and years ago I bought a slanket which I rarely usedl, since it lacks the basic requirement for 'sitting in coldish room and reading', which is a hood. If I don't need a hood when I'm reading then the room is warm enough that I don't need a slanket either. Discovered what slankets are perfect for is upper body/ neck covering in bed, where head warmth is already provided by my hoodie. Warm and light and not the heavy tangled thing that blankets become, or even terrycloth sheets. Shall retire the latter until the summer.

My run of mobility luck gave out today. Lower back ached and ached and would not be stretched out or give in to muscle relaxants and the heat-pack bandages that in the past have silenced muscles for hours. So walking hurt, though no more than it did all summer and fall. The morning's grim dankness and wet if shallow snow didn't help, but there are rumours of highs of 6 tomorrow, so I can bike to work at least.
Tags: health, rl_17

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